Weekly Update


This weekend is our kick-off of the Authentic Manhood series. Kevin Butcher from Hope Community Church in Detroit is speaking on “the Father’s Love.” We will be at Twin Oaks Christian Church in Woodhaven. (http://www.twinoakschristian.com) The meeting starts at 8:30. Please invite as many men as possible.

  • Man UP! Downriver will be serving at Peacemakers International on Shane Street in Detroit on September 20. Peacemakers International is located at 5322 Chene St, Detroit, MI 48211 Take I94 East to Exit 217A then turn right onto Chene St. The building is 6 blocks down on the left.

    Check out Detroit News segment on PeaceMakers International

  • We are off on September 27th.

  • We officially begin the Authentic Manhood study on October 4th with Session 1 33 The Series – Volume 2: A Man and His Story. Every man’s life tells a “story.” In the pursuit of Authentic Manhood, every man must understand and come to grips with the defining moments and key relationships that have shaped his unique “story.”

  • The Machine Gun Preacher, Sam Childers, will be speaking to our group in November. We would like to show the movie, “Machine Gun Preacher” sometime before. Stay tuned for details. Sam Childers overcame a life of drugs and violence to embrace Christianity and wage a 13 year war to free enslaved child in Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan, Africa.

    Check out this short video about Sam Childers’ life:

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