EDGE Ventures Men’s Weekend


Man Up! Downriver is planning a Men’s weekend Feb 20 and 22. please stay tuned for more information on this weekend.

Tired of playing it safe?

Edge Venture is a Men’s Christian Ministry that has 4 to 5 Experiential Weekend Retreats a year. These Christian Weekends are designed to help every man build and strengthen their relationship with Jesus. Edge Venture uses biblical principles and experiential means of action & communication to help you connect with the Holy Spirit and guide you into looking at the things that are preventing you from fully living from the heart Jesus gave you. Edge Venture is an incredible Experiential retreat that is sure to impact your life & relationships! If you’re looking for a Christian weekend with guest speakers and free time this IS NOT the weekend for you.

Check out this video from Edge Venture titled, “Men’s Christian Experiencial Weekend”