Weekly Update


We are meeting at 1st Baptist  is located in Lincoln Park, and the address is: 3157 Fort Street.  Our start time at 8:30 am, but come early for refreshments and fellowship.

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Text Messaging

Many men has requested the link for last week’s video. The URL is What’s Your Why? (Kevin Durant Motivational) .


Upcoming Events

  • EDGE Venture Men’s Weekend is February 20-22. This weekend retreat is full; however, Edge Venture has a waiting list.
  • The ACT Like Men! Conference is May 15-16, 2015. Look Around, What’s so desperately needed where we live, in our country, and in our world, are men who embrace all that God created them to be.
  • Our next study begins in February, and we will go over James MacDonald’s DVD led study titled, Unstuck: Fresh Traction for Common Struggles. Even if you have failed a thousand times, God’s Word can give fresh traction to help you break free from sin. Don’t stay stuck in negative thinking, depressions, or unhealthy and ungodly choices.
  • In April, we will review Craig Groeschel book titled, “Christian Atheist.” Check out the trailer: at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRpnzNXXGj4