This week we are meeting at Christ Family Church, located at 18506 Telegraph, Brownstown. We will continue James MacDonald’s study, Unstuck: Fresh Traction for Common Struggles, with this week focusing on getting your marriage unstuck. We start at 8:30 am with breakfast, so please bring the food item you volunteered to bring. Also, bring your donation for Mike H. to buy Bibles when he travels to Malawi with Little Dresses for Africa. Finally, if you have your mission statement ready for a plaque, email terryflint@gpschools.org with your name and mission statement exactly the way you want to see it on the plaque, and bring $15 to the next meeting. Terry will be placing the order this week, so email him right away.

Upcoming Events

  • Next week, February 21, will be our off week, as it is the EDGE Venture Men’s Weekend. This weekend retreat is full; however, Edge Venture has a waiting list.
  • The ACT Like Men! Conference is now scheduled for June 12-13 in Chicago. Look around. What’s so desperately needed where we live, in our country, and in our world, are men who embrace all that God created them to be.
  • In April, we will review Craig Groeschel book titled, “Christian Atheist.” Check out the trailer: at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRpnzNXXGj4

Other Info:

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Review last week’s message and stay unstuck from FEAR: http://vimeo.com/89258919