February 11 at Mercy House

This week (February 11) we are meeting at Mercy House, located at 15 E Charlotte Ave, Ecorse. We will be continuing with Week 5 of Daring Faith. We start at 8:30am, but come early for refreshments and fellowship.

• Faith is believing when I don’t see it
• Faith is obeying (acting) when I don’t understand it
• Faith is giving when I don’t have it
• Faith is persisting when I don’t feel like it
• Faith is thanking God (in advance) before I receive it
• Faith is trusting God if I don’t get it

Upcoming Events

  • Next week (February 18) we will be meeting at Christ Family.
  • March will begin the next study, Every Man a Warrior, Book 2: Marriage and Raising Children. You can purchase the book at this link. You will only need Book Two.