February 18 at Christ Family Church

This week (February 18) we are meeting at Christ Family Church, located at 18506 Telegraph, Brownstown. We will be concluding Daring Faith with Week 6. We start at 8:30am, but come early for refreshments and fellowship.

• Faith is believing when I don’t see it
• Faith is obeying (acting) when I don’t understand it
• Faith is giving when I don’t have it
• Faith is persisting when I don’t feel like it
• Faith is thanking God (in advance) before I receive it
• Faith is trusting God if I don’t get it

Upcoming Events

  • Next week (February 25)  will be an off week with no meeting. We will be meeting on March 4 at Calvary Christian Church (formerly Lion Hearted).
  • March will begin the next study, Every Man a Warrior, Book 2: Marriage and Raising Children. You can purchase the book at this link. You will only need Book Two.