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A subtle move of the Spirit of God

Yesterday the Spirit of God moved in an unexpected and powerful way. As Marty stepped outside to take a call, he noticed the elderly woman who lives directly across the street from Mercy House Church very agitated, pacing, and filled with anger. Because of her vocal expressions, he went across the street to talk with her. The conversation led to the involvement of another brother and the two of them, while conversing with the initially hostile woman, learned that she has recently lost her husband, was grief stricken, and now living alone trying to maintain her little home by herself -mentioning the unpainted condition of the house. She was very annoyed that Man Up had “taken over the neighborhood” with cars parked everywhere for the Saturday morning meeting. The men shared that perhaps God had taken her husband first, instead of her, because in His wisdom and grace He knew that had he taken her first, her remaining husband would have been so overcome with loneliness he couldn’t function; so he left her behind because He still had a purpose for her here, one she could fulfill. She softened and tears came. The men further told the woman that they would like to paint her home for her. Her jaw dropped for she didn’t know how to take this proposal. The men told her that they would share this with the men inside and they would come on a Saturday and paint her entire home in one day, all she needed was to pick the color.  She softened further, and the tears came.  The men put their arms around her and prayed with her, that she could see the men coming once every two months to Mercy House as not something to be tolerated, but a blessing to her.

We are awaiting her notice to the pastor of her color preference. Once we know that, and a workable date – she will get a revitalized home on the outside and by faith we believe a renewed spirit with her heavenly husband – The Lord Jesus Christ -on the inside.  PRAISE GOD for the move of His Spirit. Mercy House, the smallest of our partnering churches, is about to shine brighter and reach further into the Ecorse community.